Oakland Estuary Stewardship - A Grand Adventure
Join us for a 3.5 hour “on the water" tour, connect with the Oakland Estuary via kayak, land on its shores, and create a cleaner bay.
Garbage on the Oakland-Alameda Estuary shorelines degrades wildlife habitat, water quality, and ecological health. Our mission is to make a difference to the Estuary’s ecological and wildlife health by removing garbage, marine debris from the shores of the Oakland Estuary. The areas we consistently clean, are less trash-strewn and are healthier and more habitable. Making the bay better for the harbor seals, bat rays, leopard sharks, ducks, fish of all kinds, great blue herons, snowy egrets, and the people of Oakland and Alameda.

We’d like to connect students, local groups (teen & young adults), with the water, shores, sea life and shore birds that live in and on the Oakland Estuary.

After kayak and safety instructions students will paddle from California Canoe & Kayak’s Brooklyn Basin/or Jack London docks via kayak to the “hard to reach on foot” shores of the Oakland Estuary.

Once we land on the beaches we’ll give clean up instructions, timing and set off to collect and learn about plastic, urban garbage and marine debris, and how that impacts our Estuary. We’ll learn about our local wildlife and what lives in and on the Oakland Estuary and the local bay waters, bat rays, harbor seals, fish and shore birds. We’ll connect on how plastic, marine debris and climate change is a threat to the health of our bay and our local community and wildlife. We’ll learn about storm drains and how the rain moves garbage from our city streets and into the bay. Most importantly we'll learn how to paddle and recreate on the Oakland Estuary.

I Heart has partnered with California Canoe & Kayak in Oakland CA since 2017. We have paddled the Oakland Estuary for years and are excited to share the experience of paddling on the Bay.
Our tours are from 9:30 AM - 1PM. A detailed itinerary will be sent to teachers along with pre-trip details and suggested gear.
Wear shoes with sturdy soles to protect your feet when you walk and paddle the shores. Old sneakers work great - flimsy-soles or water shoes do not. Wear long pants that cover and protect ankles. We have kayak gear, including jackets and warm pants, if it’s cold or if a student forgets the day of - we'll have you covered.

Snacks for “on the water” break, water in a reusable water container, lunch for after the paddle tour. Wear/bring extra layers, sunscreen, a hat, and sturdy shoes.
We run these programs through the year. Reach out to I HEART for more details, costs, timing, equipment and scheduling.

Since 2016 I Heart Oakland Alameda Estuary has been organizing large “on the water” and “on the land” cleanups. Last year we cleared 6,000 pounds of garbage from the shores, parks, walk and waterways around and on the Oakland Alameda Estuary.

California Canoe & Kayak has been getting folks out paddling on the Bay since 1972! They're a tried and true local treasure, and generously support our clean ups for the past 7 years. They have 2 locations on the Oakland Estuary at Jack London and their new SUPER cool store at Brooklyn Basin.
For more information contact Mary Spicer or text 510 283 4224.
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